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Looks like the US Grand Prix is pulling out of Indy. Was planning on going next year. $%&?&%# FIA and Bernie Ecclestone. $$$$$$$$$$$$ I know there's no govt. support in the US for F1 racing and the fan base isn't large enough to payoff. The USGP is an F1 race the average Joe can attend without spending a fortune. Most of the tracks now are man-made...except Monaco. There are F1 races in Malaysia, Bahrain, Turkey, and China. Do you think your average Chinese worker can attend that race? Who goes to the race in Bahrain? Unfortunately, these countries pay the FIA and Bernie Ecclestone's wallet a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$.Reflecting back on the days of Jim Clark and Graham Hill...it would be a crime not to have a US Grand Prix.