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Pepsi 400 (pic spam!)

Hey y'all! We were in Daytona for the last 4 days for the Pepsi 400. We had a BLAST as this was our first time camping on the infield! And what a race! I'm kind of irritated because our DVR cut off the recording with 3 laps to go and I want to watch that ending again on TV. I'm going to catch the re-run of the race, that's for sure because that ending was hair raising!

We were right by Turn 1 so we saw the first accident between Jeff Greene and Kasey Kahne.

I have a slideshow up on my MySpace page (click to see it) but here are some of my favorite pics including one of me with Kyle Petty.

I apologize for the number of pics - I have about 550 to choose from and it's REALLY hard. :)

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I need some advice!.

I've never been to a race before. My birthday is on August 15th and Watkins Glen is only about a 4 hour drive from me... so I've decided to go and see my first ever cup race as a birthday present to myself! Yay!

Anyway... Since I've never been before, and actually don't know anyone who's ever been, I don't really know what I do now. I checked out tickets online and everything, but I guess I don't really understand what it means.

Can you guys help me out with some advice? I kind of want to do it pretty cheap (funds are a bit of a problem right now) but also don't want to skimp on the fun.

So yeah, thanks!

Weekend Recap

Hi everyone!

I went up to Loudon on Saturday to watch the Whelen Modifieds and the Busch series race. The modifieds as usual, were just awesome. 3 and 4 wide going in the corner...whew! I only wish Stewart ran the modifieds again this year instead of the Busch. The Busch race was kind of a snooze, but there was a red flag, so I was able to get some great camera shots.

It was interesting to see the COT - or should we just call it car ;). This was the first time I've seen it and I have to say, they look way better in person. And the passing is much improved. So maybe Nascar knows what it is doing. Maybe!

Congrats to Harvick for the Busch win and to Hamlin for the Cup win. It was only a matter of time before a Gibbs car found Victory Lane. I just wish Stewart hadn't made that mistake on pit road.

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This year for my dad's birthday, i got him the Nextel Fanview. So the Busch race and the modified race were the first chance we had to play with it. My verdict?

This is the coolest toy I have ever had. We found listening to the broadcast distracting, but we loved playing with the camera angles (including switching to different in-car cameras); checking the leader board; seeing who had the fastest lap, etc. Really really awesome.


So I was watching Happy Hour on SPEED...

Dear NASCAR drivers, crew cheifs and announcers,

There is no reason to call it the "COT car". The word "car" is built right into "COT".
"Car of Tomorrow car" sounds pretty stupid, eh? Well so does "COT Car."

Good luck today in your COTs.


p.s. A Toyota on the pole? Crazy!


The penalties for the 24 and 48 teams were announced yesterday. 100 driver points, 100 owner points and $100,000, crew chiefs suspended for 6 weeks, in addition to being unable to qualify or practice as well as starting from the rear on Sunday.

Now this did not come as a huge surprise to me as this seems to be the precedent Nascar has set for itself, but did they really cheat? I know I am a Jeff Gordon lover (not so of Johnson or Knaus) but the cars fit the templates. Nascar has always been about following the rules to the letter (or at least appearing to!) while exploring any area not covered in the rule book.

The rule infractions were as follows:

12-4-A - The old standard - Actions detrimental to stock car racing
(I wish Nascar could vague that up a bit for me. I hate specifics!)

12-4-Q - Car, car parts, components and/or equipment used do not conform to NASCAR rules

20-2.1E - Parts or components of the car not previously approved by NASCAR that have been installed or modified to enhance aerodynamic performance will not be permitted

20-2H - Fenders may not be cut or altered except for wheel or tire clearance which must be approved by the Series Director

Ok, so 20-2H is what killed them. But what do you think?

Poll #1010990 Cheaters?

Did the crews of the 24 and the 48 cheat?

Yes - Nascar said do not touch the fenders
No - the car fit the template

Now - do you think Nascar came down so hard because Chad Knaus was involved?



I just joined this community because I have recently become a huge racing fan (NASCAR, IRL, even Le Mans). I thought the race yesterday was pretty incredible...

Anyway, here's my problem: I'm a vaguely hip 20-something living in Brooklyn New York, where NASCAR fandom is not only non-existant, it is also heavily looked down upon.

Basically, I really want to meet some New York racing fans. Anyone here?

Juan Pablo Montoya's first win....

Congratulations to Juan Pablo Montoya and his first win yesterday at Sonoma road course.  What a win.  Of the drivers at the front, the two drivers that were concerned about the fuel running out was Jamie and Montoya.  And it looks like Montoya had enough for the win.  So congrats.  later.  :)

Gordon and Johnson fail inspection

According to Nascar.com, the 24 and 48 have failed pre-race inspection. The will not be allowed to qualify or practice. If modifications are made by tomorrow, both cars may practice and start at the rear of the field on Sunday.

This is a Car of Tomorrow race, so expect a tough penalty on Tuesday.



A new update in Jr. Watch 2007 - Jr. has signed a deal with sony. No word yet if Sony will be the primary sponsor for 2008. Budweiser has a deal with DEI as well as a personal services arrangement with Jr through the end of 2008. So Bud will be able to use Jr. in commercials and appearances next year, no matter who Jr.'s primary sponsor will be.

Courtsey of foxsports.com: http://msn.foxsports.com/nascar/story/6948944

Earnhardt said he got a new digital camera out of the deal.

"The cash is great, but the product is good, too," he said.


Congratulations to the Gordons!

Congratulations to Jeff and Ingrid Gordon on the birth of their daughter Ella Sofia! It was this race last year that Gordon and Ingrid got engaged (and then he won the race!) Let's see if daughter Ella can bring him the same luck that her Mommy did!