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Back in the driver's seat

Maybe the title of this entry should be Ch-ch-ch-changes!

There are so many changes to Nascar this year it is getting hard to keep up!

We have:
  • a complete overhaul of the point system,
  • new pavement at Daytona,
  • smaller restrictor plates,
  • mandated cooling system changes,
  • cooler running Ford engines; and
  • an entirely new style of racing at Daytona.
Wow - Sunday will be interesting! Dale Jr. got the pole, but due to a stupid crash during practice, he'll be starting from the back. Jeff Gordon took the other front row spot, but there may be some damage to his car from the final laps of duel 2. (Seriously I almost bit my fingers off I was so nervous!) That was an impressive driving feat by Mr. Gordon, to snake and weave through the crashes.

And we have to talk about Trevor Bayne. Wow. What a performance, I was so disappointed he wrecked. Does anyone know if they have a solid back-up car?

So - time for a poll:

Poll #1706536 Wh will win the 500?

Who will win the 500?

Dale Jr.
Jeff Gordon
Kurt Busch
Kyle Busch
Jeff Burton
Someone else


Points Swapping

Sorry I have been MIA forever, but I'll try to be better about updating. Anway - issue for the week...point swapping. Penske has gotten Nascar's permission to swap Kurt Busch's points with Sam Hornish Jr., thus ensuring Hornish will make the first 5 races of the season. Kurt Busch, as the most recent champion who will be out of the top 35, will also be safe for the first few races due to his championship provisionals.

Now this is all well and good for Hornish - but I can't help but think it is just wrong. I guess it would be ok in my mind if Hornish was simply replacing Busch, because it was the 2 team that earned those points. I don't know...what do you all think?

Is swapping points wrong?

Yes - Busch earned those points.
No - the points belong to Penske - he can do what he wants with them.
Yes - but since I don't like Busch I am all for it!
No - Busch is my favorite driver and so this is totally wrong!


New Dale Jr. #88 Online Merchandise!

The JR Nation online store already has some cool new merchandise featuring #88 - click here to check it out!

I checked it out, and there is an official Announcement Tee, a #88 Die Cast car, as well as several exclusive designs available only through the JR Nation online store.

I’ve already bought a couple of t shirts and a hoodie – there definitely is some great stuff there so check out the website when you get the chance!


Was anyone else really disappointed in how ABC/ESPN handled last nights race? Espcially the post-race interviews? 

I know it was a big deal to talk to the drivers in the chase because the final 12 got locked in, but there were two men who were not in the chase (David Ragan and Johnny Sauter) who finished in the top five, and nether one of them were interviewed. 

I was disappointed because as a Johnny Sauter fan we never get to see him interviewed and this time he ran one hell of a good race and we still didn't get to hear what he had to say when it was over. FOX always interviews the top five.  I guess I am just spoiled by FOX...

Other than that, it was a good race! 

The Glen and other things...

Saturday's Busch race - what happened there? i saw it and yet still don't understand what happened. The big lesson? Don't disobey Nascar. Just weird!

Kyle Busch is off to JGR. I actually think this might be a nice fit. Or Stewart will kill him. Kinda a win win for me :) Ha. That wasn't nice of me...

And speaking of Stewart, ESPN's judgement that he is irresponsible because he was going to drink a case of Sclitz is just ridiculous. And where is the outcry when Kurt Busch said after he won this week for everyone to go out and buy a case of Miller Lite?

And speaking of ESPN *rant warning* - I cannot even begin to articulate how much I hate ESPN coverage. They are able to suck any sense of joy/excitement right out of a race. That my friends, is so impressive. And hey - here's a little tip: Casey Mears is in the 25. Not Kasey Kahne. It isn't even like they are two unknown drivers or field fillers. It wasn't their only mistake either. Just distracting.

To be fair - I really like the draft tracker. Just neat. And Rusty isn't that bad. He just needs someone else a little more exciting with him. Never thought I'd say it, but I miss DW.

I am off to the Glen this weekend and I really can't wait. I am not really ready as work has been kicking my butt, however I'll pull it all together by tomorrow night I hope!

Let's go racing!

Now that the off week is behind us, let's get back to racing! I hope everone managed to fill their Sunday afternoon but thankfully we are straight through until Thanksgiving.

This week brings us to the Brickyard where the media tries to make it a more dramatic situation than it probably is. We are (still) in prime silly season and I just wish people would announce their moves (and in Jr.'s case their sponsor and number!) and then we can get on with the racing.

PS - Can anyone see Jr. running for Kellogg's? I just can't. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

Now for a little poll...

Poll #1026998 Poll time!

Where should Kyle Busch go next year?

Other and I'll tell you in the comments

Should Kasey Kahne leave Evernham?

Yes - go to DEI and Bud

Who will win the Championship? (Feel free to discuss in the comments!)

PPS I'm really happy I'm not famous because we all know that occasionally we take a bad picture (like the one below) but we get to throw them out versus having them posted on foxsports.com:

He looks a wee bit rough doesn't he?Collapse )


Warning: totally biased entry! Go Team 20!

So despite the fact that Sunday's race was kind of a snore, I was so relieved that Tony Stewart won! Y'all know I am a huge Stewart fan and so for the last 25 laps or so I was a gigantic ball of stress. I thought for sure he was going to cut a tire, hit someone for a perceived slight, Juan Pablo would hit him just because he hadn't hit anyone else yet, he would run out of fuel on turn three, or that his car would just blow up in some spectacular action movie sequence. I mean that is just the kind of season the 20 team has had. But none of these things happened and he cruised into victory lane after climbing the fence to get the checkered flag that seems to have been oh so long in coming.

Yay! So now he can settle down, stop beating up on people and get back to competing for wins on a weekly basis.
VictoryCollapse )


They find love in each other...

Kevin and Delana Harvick...

1 2 3 4

done with...Collapse )

- I'm still a rookie ;) but I'm learning...
- It kills time from getting bored :)
- I'd love comments about them! :p
- If taken by chance credit is appreciated (dazed_deception)


Looks like the US Grand Prix is pulling out of Indy. Was planning on going next year. $%&?&%# FIA and Bernie Ecclestone. $$$$$$$$$$$$ I know there's no govt. support in the US for F1 racing and the fan base isn't large enough to payoff. The USGP is an F1 race the average Joe can attend without spending a fortune. Most of the tracks now are man-made...except Monaco. There are F1 races in Malaysia, Bahrain, Turkey, and China. Do you think your average Chinese worker can attend that race? Who goes to the race in Bahrain? Unfortunately, these countries pay the FIA and Bernie Ecclestone's wallet a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$.Reflecting back on the days of Jim Clark and Graham Hill...it would be a crime not to have a US Grand Prix.


Ok honestly - what was Stewart thinking Saturday night? 14 laps into the race and he is behind Hamlin like it was lap 199. Seriously? I don't care if Hamlin did stop - get off his ass! It was way too early to be racing that hard. Like last year's NH, if Stewart doesn't make the chase, we can point to this race as the reason.

Sorry - Stewart rant over. I din't listen to his show this week, but i did record it. I'm not sure I want to hear what he has to say...

Anyway! It looks like Budweiser has decided to go with another driver for 2008. Kasey Kahne has been mentioned as a possiblity. This will of course fuel the already rampant rumors that Kahne is heading to DEI. Let the Silly Season continue...

And something that has been bugging me...Nascar has decided that suspended crew chiefs can no longer be at the track during their suspension. I am not a "Nascar will do anything for Jr." conspiracy theorist, but the timing was a wee bit suspicious. Nascar suddenly decided this after Eury Jr.'s suspension was over...hmmmm! Just kidding. It is much more likely that they changed their minds after ALL the media coverage on suspended crew chiefs still being able to be at the track. Nothing really changes though. The chiefs can still be in the city, can still sign on to Nascar Track pass; the only change is that they meet at Denny's instead of the motorcoach. Hell, Stewart is probably hoping Zippy gets suspended so he can go get breakfast. Ok - that was mean. Sorry!

And other mini-rant - wow I have been saving them up! - the media has been saying that the penalties for the 24 and the 48 should have been harsher, because those teams had sucha lead that the penalties didn't hurt much. Excuse me if I'm wrong, but aren't penalties to punish you for an infraction, not to level the playing field? Yes the Hendrick cars have been dominant. But no, you cannot punish them for that.

Moving on!

We have some new members and since we haven't done this in a while, let's do a little intro!

Hometown/current home:
Favorite Driver(s):
Least Favorite Driver(s):
Reason you became a Nascar fan:
Have you ever been to a race?:
Are you going to any races this year?: